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Introducing "Muses," our captivating knitwear collection that pays homage to the timeless allure of Greek goddesses.

Inspired by their grace, beauty, and strength, each of the nine meticulously crafted knitwear pieces embodies the essence of these legendary figures, offering a touch of divine elegance to your wardrobe.

Immerse yourself in the mythical realm of the Muses as you explore this extraordinary collection.

Whether you're seeking a touch of ethereal beauty or a bold statement piece, each item invites you to channel the power and grace of these legendary figures, leaving an impression that is both timeless and enchanting.

Unleash your inner goddess and allow these eleven extraordinary knitwear pieces to inspire and empower you, as you embody the timeless elegance of the Greek goddesses.

The Muses summer knitting pattern collection includes twelve knitting patterns from basic to intermediate.

Perfect for all knitters.

Patterns Included;

  1. The Clio Tee Knitting Pattern
  2. The Urania Mesh Knit Top Pattern
  3. The Thalia Top Knitting Pattern
  4. The Euterpe Tank Top Knitting Pattern
  5. The Calliope Tee Knitting Pattern
  6. The Erato Tee Knitting Pattern
  7. The Polyhymnia Cardigan Knitting Pattern
  8. The Terpsichore Shawl Knitting Pattern
  9. The Melpomene Wrap Knitting Pattern
  10. The Raffia Knot Bag Knitting Pattern
  11. The Japanese Knot Bag Knitting Pattern
  12. Bucket Hat Knitting Pattern


Level - Basic / Easy / Intermediate


See individual patterns for information.

Small to XXL (The tops and tees have 6 sizes S-XXXL).


Small batch sales of finished pieces made from this pattern are permitted, but the seller must use their own photographs and credit must be given to Handy Little Me as the designer.


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