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You will get – Digital downloads (13 PDFs)


Make dog sweaters for your dog(s), and dog friends, and donate with this bundle of knitting patterns.

There are 13 patterns in the collection that include…

  1. Dog Sweater Pattern – Straight Needles (In green) (3 sizes – S/M/L)
  2. Striped Dog Sweater Pattern (3 sizes – S/M/L)
  3. Knitted Dog Sweater Pattern 3 Sizes (In navy) (3 sizes – S/M/L)
  4. Fraser Tartan Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern (3 sizes – S/M/L)
  5. Rainbow Dog Jumper Pattern (3 sizes – S/M/L)
  6. Mischief Managed Dog Sweater Pattern (One Size – Large /can be adapted)
  7. Baby Yoda Dog Sweater Pattern (3 sizes – S/M/L)
  8. XS Puppy Sweater Pattern (one size – XS)
  9. Christmas Puppy Sweater Pattern (one size – Small)
  10. Santa Claus Dog Coat Pattern (one size – Large)
  11. Large Dog Sweater (one size- Large)
  12. Christmas Dog Sweater Pattern
  13. Knitted Bow Tie Pattern

Level – Basic/Easy/Intermediate 

The patterns are all different skill levels, ranging from basic (for beginners), easy (advanced beginners), and Intermediate (experienced knitters).


Small batch sales of finished pieces made from this pattern are permitted, but the seller must use their own photographs and credit must be given to Handy Little Me as the designer.

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