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If you have been watching the Outlander TV series, in season four, Claire has worn some very distinctive crossover triangle shawls.

Inspired by the brown shawl Claire wears in season 4, episode 1 'America the beautiful' and in future episodes.

The design of the shawl is made so that you can wrap it around your body and tie it at the back.

This means that you can wrap up in your own version of Claire's Carolina shawl!


  • Yarn A – Alize SuperLana Maxi (100g (3.53 oz)/100mt (109 yards) – in the color 240 – Dark Brown x 6 (S/M) x 8 (L/XL) x 10 (XL/XXL)
  • Yarn B – Alize SuperLana Maxi (100g (3.53 oz)/100mt (109 yards) – in the color 60 – Black x 2 (S/M) x 4 (L/XL) x 6 (XL/XXL)

Yarn Weight – Bulky 05/Chunky/12 Ply.

You can purchase the Alize yarns from YarnStreet or from Etsy.

Yarn substitute – “I love this chunky super soft” from Hobby Lobby in Mocha and Cool Black.


  • 8mm (US 11) knitting needles – I used my interchangeable circular needles on a 40″/100cm cable as there were many stitches – I did not join in the round to knit.
  • 10mm (US 15) interchangeable circular needles to cast off.


Level - Intermediate

This is an intermediate-level knitting pattern and the techniques involved are the knit stitch, purl stitch, yarn over, changing yarn colors, casting on, and casting off.


*Please note - The measurements below are a rough guide, you can knit this shawl until it is comfortable for you to wear - test it out against yourself to see if you want to make the length shorter or longer before casting off.

S / M - width tip to tip - 82 inches / 208 cm

Length - top to bottom = 36 inches / 91 cm

L /XL - width tip to tip - 122 inches / 310 cm

Length - top to bottom = 39 inches / 100 cm

XL/XXL - width tip to tip - 142 inches / 361 cm

Length - top to bottom =42 inches / 107 cm

Tips on trying out your shawl size...

When you get to the length where you think you want to try the shawl on, but you're not sure, take a ball of different color yarn and thread the end of it with a tapestry or yarn needle.

Don't cut the end of this ball of yarn, you will not need to!

Then thread all the stitches onto the different color yarn using the tapestry needle, pushing them off the knitting needles one at a time. (Don't worry, you can get them back!)

When the last stitch is off the knitting needles, stretch the shawl out to its natural shape, taking care not to lose the stitches off the different color yarn.

Now you can try it on and see how much longer you want it.

Then carefully pick up the first stitch from the different color yarn, put it onto your knitting needle, and pull the yarn away, leaving the stitch back on your knitting needle as good as new.

Repeat till you have all your stitches back and resume knitting your shawl.


Small batch sales of finished pieces made from this pattern are permitted, but the seller must use their own photographs and credit must be given to Handy Little Me as the designer.


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